Hello, I'm Kirsten Werme.

Neora can help you live your best life, and I am happy to be your resource for looking, feeling and living your best!

Imagine Believing in the Mission

Our mission to Make People Better goes far beyond our best-selling, age-fighting products and life-changing opportunity. We know true success includes actively practicing gratitude by giving back to our communities and improving the lives of our neighbors who live there.

Imagine Succeeding with the Best

The Neora team is comprised of highly experienced and motivated professionals passionate about a conscious approach to building successful businesses and living fulfilling, happier lives.

Imagine Making People Better

The Neora culture is built around 10 core values that stand at the heart of our business. We believe implementing these values into daily business decisions and practices helps guide and keep us on the path to success.

Imagine Getting Serious About Happiness

Happiness is fundamental to quality of life — it can even help you live longer. We invest time and resources actively pursuing ways to help equip people with the tools to live happier, healthier lives.

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